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Elliptical exercisers supply a calorie-burning workout that is free of a few of the problems experienced by other machines. However consumer reports and reviews advise that quality-control issues are an important factor.

Elliptical exercisers are a mixture stair-climber/cross-country-ski simulator. The motion of the feet is in flattened circles or ovals (otherwise referred to as an ellipse), hence the name elliptical machine. The worth of the workout depends upon resistance that slows down the elliptical machines drive system as you attempt to turn it. Some elliptical machines make use of a band or belt driven drive system; nicer more costly models use magnetic force to produce resistance.

Elliptical machines have recognition for a few reasons:

· The pedaling is low impact and therefore joint friendly.

· Exercise on an elliptical machine is weight-bearing. This helps reduce the chances of osteoporosis.

· Movable arms can be found on some models. This adds an upper-body benefit to the workout.

· Exercising on an best elliptical consumer reports machine is easy. Some cross-country ski machines need a little coordination.

· An elliptical machine burns calories in the same way effectively as a treadmill.

Elliptical machines are best suited to an individual who is moderately fit and probably will stay at that level. Beginning exercisers will see them difficult while advanced exercisers might not find the workout very challenging. What follows is really a recap of the Consumer Report findings on elliptical machines.


Most elliptical machines with a price tag under $1000 are made with a company called Icon Fitness and sold underneath the brands of Reebok, Nordic Track, and Proform brands among others. Typically Icon distributes through larger stores like Sears and The Sports Authority. Machines costing up to $2,000 are sold either by sports specialty stores or online under such well known brands as Precor and Life Fitness. High end machines tend to feel more stable and solid, operation is smoother and they often do have more features compared to models coming in under $1,000.


Quality control problems were the main problem with elliptical machines tested by Consumer Reports. Clunking noises, broken parts and scraping surfaces were all common. Once you shop, locate a warranty of at the very least annually or more. You will likely be happier having an elliptical machine equipped having an easily read monitor, understandable controls, and pushbutton resistance adjustment.

Things to watch out for include narrow pedals and moving arms that could whack you a good one if you are not holding the handles. Once you check out elliptical machines in a shop, ensure you are confident with the operation since it will be different between machines.


Elliptical exercisers can provide a decent low impact workout that is friendly to the joints. Don’t expect a residential model to fit the grade of commercial versions. Be realistic.

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