Interesting Facts About Lamborghini

1. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is an Italian automobile company that produces luxury, top end sports cars. Its has it headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, near the town of Bologna, Italy. Lamborghini was founded by an Italian engineer Feruccio in 1963.

2. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. emerged consequently of competition between Feruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari (of Ferrari cars ) who in those days already have been referred to as a popular manufacturer of sports cars. Feruccio Lamborghini himself was an accomplished engineer; he was an owner and manager of a successful company, which produced agricultural machinery. Feruccio loved sports cars and owned a Ferrari 250 GT. A rumour has it, that two great constructors had a conflict after Lamborghini had turned personally to Enzo Ferrari because of the broken clutch on his Ferrari 250 GT. It is thought that quick-tempered Enzo recommended Feruccio to deal exclusively with tractors, and never even touch a sports car. Feruccio Lamborghini took it as a challenge resolving to utilize his assets, experience, and passion to found a business, effective at going toe-to-toe with Ferrari.

3. This may come up as a shock with a of you, but Lamborghini never participated in any major motorsports competitions. According to the will of Feruccio Lamborghini, his company stayed from racing, as the famous Italian engineer always believed the motorsports to be a big waste of time and resources.

4. Something Lamborgini was always noted for is its top-notch design. Some of the greatest professionals on the market, including Franco Scaglione, Touring, Zagato, Mario Marazzi, Bertone, ItalDesign and Marcello Gandini, labored on its visual design.

5. People usually think of luxury and high-performance grand tourers, whenever someone mentions the name Lamborghini. Nevertheless, the Italian automaker has created few unusual models. Feruccio Lamborghini had a comprehensive experience in producing tractors, so it seemed natural for him to test his hand at designing an automobile with high off-road capabilities auto usate bologna. Lamborghini LM002 was the first SUV, built by Italian vehicle manufacturer. Combining speed and luxuriousness with exceptional off-road capabilities, Lamborghini LM002 was in lots of respects far in front of its time. When it comes to comfort and power to cross the difficult terrain, only Land Rover could contend with LM002. Unfortunately, automobile market was not quite ready for the newest luxury SUV. Therefore, despite the orders from armed forces of Saudi Arabia and Libya, Lamborghini sold only 301 vehicles.

6. The Italian automaker launched its first production model in 1963. With the top speed of 280 km / h, Lamborghini 350GTV was a leader among production cars of its time.

7. The Italian company uses very distinctive naming convention for its car models. Feruccio Lamborghini was quite a supporter of Spanish bullfight. In 1963, he visited the cattle-bred farm Miura in Seville. It was owned by Don Eduardo Miura Fernandez, one of the most famous breeders of fighting bulls in Spain. This visit had a solid influence on the Italian industrialist. Actually, he was so impressed by the standard art of bullfighting, he determined to mention all his new sports cars after famous fighting bulls. Traditionally in Spanish bullfight, bulls that have the ability to defeat a matador receive life, and their names are forever inscribed in the history of the sport. Ferruccio Lamborghini was convinced, that the name of a fighting bull will emphasize the untamed nature of sports cars created under Lamborghini marque. By the way, Ferruccio Lamborghini himself was also a bull in an expression, since his zodiac sign was Taurus. (He came to be on April 28, 1916).

8. The very first model to be introduced to the world beneath the “bullish” name was Lamborghini Miura. The sports car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The public warmly received it; however, spectators were somewhat confused, since these were prohibited to open the hood. This was not just a coincidence: there clearly was hardly any engine under it! Because the engine was still being designed, the prototype was delivered to the Geneva Motor Show with a ballast as opposed to a motor beneath the hood. Eventually, Miura turned out to be a very good car.

9. Lamborghini Countach was created by the Italian company for 16 years (from 1974 to 1990). Notably, this sports car is among the a couple of Lamborghini models, with a title that has nothing regarding bulls and bullfighting. The word “countach” comes from the Piedmontese language, spoken in a region of Piedmont in North-West of Italy. It is an expression of excitement or astonishment and can be translated as “Heavens!” According to the legend, Nuccio Bertone himself made such an exclamation when he saw the first sketches for the future supercar.

10. The story of Lamborghini was not always a tale of success. In 1987, the American automobile giant Chrysler, practically saved it from oblivion by acquiring it. Exactly the same year, the Italian vehicle manufacturer presented a peculiar concept car beneath the name of Portofino. It was a sedan with four doors of the guillotine type, powered by a 3.5-liter engine installed at the rear. Although it remained only a prototype, its image and design was subsequently embodied in lots of Chrysler cars.

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