Interesting findings regarding wedding photography prices

In the present post, I is likely to be covering a topic that ought to be informative to both couples and wedding photographers alike: the common price of wedding photography in Toronto. However, I did not write a three thousand word report devoted to just one number. My research into the common cost of wedding photography in Toronto and the GTA has yielded quite a bit of extensive information and statistics that have been not immediately apparent. If you’re buying lot of consumer and business insights as it relates to wedding photography in Toronto, continue reading below. 

Introduction: the average price of wedding photography in Toronto

Utility for couples

For couples, knowing the common price of wedding photography in Toronto might help ground their expectations for the expenses of hiring an average wedding photographer. Bear in mind that you will see outliers: both photographers whose delivered results far surpass their price point and people who underperform in comparison with their peers. Price is not an ultimate indicator of skill and does not guarantee results, but it is not without merit and certainly reflects the marriage photographer’s confidence inside their results.

Utility for wedding photographers

For wedding photographers, knowing the common price tag for their services can serve as a barometer for both the competition and their competitiveness (if competing on price is part of these business model). Photographers can consider the overall quality of these work and compare it to that particular of other photographers and make business adjustments as necessary. Personally, Personally i think that this information could at least provide business owners with the incentive to thoroughly reconsider their wedding photography prices and pricing technique for the better.

Method: how the average price of wedding photography in Toronto was determined

Please observe that I’ve updated this informative article since its initial publication because I was not satisfied with my sample size.

I performed a search on for a couple of highly competitive keywords: “wedding photographers Toronto,” “Toronto wedding photographers,” and “Toronto wedding photography.” (The city was included to exclude businesses that not serve the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re to operate a search with no city, you’d soon be considering results from across Canada and areas of the United States.) The search was conducted on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

I opened every page of Google search results for the first search keyword to preserve their order. It absolutely was quickly apparent that Google only provided about 20 pages of results. Every organic search result found in those ten tabs was analysed. Wedding service directories (e.g. Weddingful, WeddingWire, etc.), style blogs (e.g. TheKnot, WedLuxe, OffBeatBride, etc.), repeating results, and websites not owned by wedding photographers (e.g. videographers, event planners, etc.) were ignored.

The procedure was repeated for the remaining two keywords in an effort to locate websites that might have been missed in the previous round. This effort yielded further results. Only photographers based in and offering services to the GTA were considered. I manually added photographers that have been missed by all three keywords and of whom I know.

I scoured wedding photographers’websites for information regarding price, coverage, and if another shooter—not an assistant—were included. Where wedding photographers provided detailed pricing information, only the cheapest priced wedding package of at least four hours was recorded; short elopement and “ceremony only” style packages, or those restricted to non-holiday weekdays or winter months season were ignored. Information about how much coverage is provided for the introductory package was recorded, where available. When a single company offered the services of one of their several photographers, and where the starting rate between those photographers differed, I only recorded the cheapest price.

All prices that follow do not include sales tax. In reality, I calculated the tax out of the prices of best Toronto wedding photographer who included them inside their stated fees (a rare occurrence).

Limitations of the methodology

This is not a scientific analysis! In reality, it’d significant limitations:

  • It’s 100% biased towards online results.
  • It’s 100% biased towards results in one internet search engine: Google.
  • Google’s results can differ based on many factors, some of which include:
    • the proximity of the searcher to the businesses competing for the queried keyword;
    • exact keyword searched (for instance, trying to find “wedding photographers Toronto” versus “Toronto wedding photographers” would yield different results); and
    • time of search (the results are dynamic and fluctuate each day, week, month, and year).
  • Only the outcomes from three keywords were considered.
  • While many wedding photographers show their prices online, many do not reveal anything but a starting price, and a fraction publish detailed pricing information, so some of the numbers are based on smaller samples compared to the total.
  • Only the cheapest advertised wedding photography price was considered.
  • As a group, wedding photographers have a habit of inconsistently bundling services. Packages vary from service only with one photographer, to service and prints, to service and two photographers, and et cetera.

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