Wet mop supplies covers some of the most important products to keep your floors clean, presentable, and neat. From a standard dry mop to wet floor signs and more. With so many mops at your fingertips, filling out your janitorial closet has never been easier. Whether you need to clean linoleum, granite, wood, or other surfaces, a large floor mop is the convenient and affordable solutions to keeping floors spotless. Full line of mop supplies like buckets, mop heads, mop handles for all your janitorial duties commercial cleaning mops.

Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mops are made from a combination of polyester and poly amide that easily collects and traps dirt until it is washed. These types of wet mops are the most sanitary of any mop head.

Looped End Mops

Compared to cut end mops, looped mops provide extra surface area, which lets janitors clean larger areas more quickly. Because of their moderate price and durability, looped end mops have become the most common type of mop head.

Cut End Mops

Cut end heads are the basic mop style. Generally the least expensive type of mop head, they are often considered disposable because they are cheaper and can’t be laundered. They’re typically more absorbent than looped end mops, but they cover a smaller surface area.

From busy kitchens to school hallways, mops are the simple and effective way to keeping floors sparkling clean. Mops are essential for keeping hard floors clean for each business day.

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