The Common Cold: Is It an Ancient Spyware Hacking Our Brains Created by Cromags Who Cloned Us?

“Hey Martha, you wish to read this crap.” a person sits in his Longhide upholstered Lazyboy floated by the latest negative ion floating device sitting in front of an extremely stylish 360″ x 360″ holovision watching the local news. “Scientist now believe they found the origin of the most popular cold, but no cure. What good is that?”

“That is nice dear.” says a woman using the highly elite kitchen device that is advertised regularly on the holovision they acquired after his promotion at the freeze dried kale powder plant by which he was moved around shift supervisor recently.

“These buffoons believe that people would be the remnant of some ancient science project of sorts? They contend they’ve been studying the archeological remains of an old civilization that predated the arrival of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. These morons think they’d found 4 locations that the Cromags, Cromags you think that, where they’d installed these massive transmitters war robots hack pc. The locations being in the center of the North Pole and South Pole along side two on the equator, one in the western hemisphere and the other in the Eastern hemisphere.” the man continues as he takes a break to adjust himself and settles back his chair.

The lady visits answer the entranceway and the sonic plumber follows her to the kitchen.

“They think they as made mostly of hallow chambers in our planet as tall as those archaic skyscrapers in NYC. That the particular working parts of the machines could easily fit into a walnut. These walnut sized devices float above a copper pad under these hallow chambers and glow intensely.”

The holovision blares the latest report on the state of affairs on our invasion of Mars in retaliation to their blowing up the Quadripple Towers in Malaysia. The reporter is walking around the furniture and stepping over holes created from explosions that only happened moments before and flips a hand back and out of the method of a gift who was hanging from the next floor landing on the stairs as he started to ascend after dark ceiling lamp. ” These quacks think after translating the Cromags language from a Rosetta Stone with Martian, Egyptian, and Cromag they came to find out the walnuts are Extreme Computers which contain enough information to make a whole galaxy, transmit it, mutate, replicate, analyze, and coordinate. What nonsense!”

Since the reporter climbs within the corpses of a family group of five blown off their Longehide upholstered Lazyboy and continues in his monotone voice punctuated with a timed number of explosive exploitations; the plumber begins to enhance the woman’s skirt as she hits the button on her behalf elite but very noisy kitchen device.

“These so called scientist after reading the Cromag’s manuals and history books believe these walnuts to be the final stage within their evolution that started with giant room sized computers, to laptops, to palm devices, brain implants, and holographic mind controlled projections or something. What nonsense!”

The reporter is thanked by the anchor and prepares for the commercial break by the Martian Quartz Energy program followed closely by an ad paid for by the Free Earth Party for a Senator candidate with the platform to guard us from the invisible Venutians when they set fire to the rich Diamond Realm building, the sole building to be produced completely of diamonds, last year during the time that California experienced rolling black outs. You remember the ones that caused several levitating vehicles to fail all around the floating city to fall onto Golden Gate Park below. The plumber walks across the Senatorial candidate whistling as the man on the holovision smiles and winks at him prior to the anchor returns yet again to the living room.

“They think that knowledge was placed into robots and then clones with the fundamentals of computing working off these tiny microscopic binary critters who focus on the fluctuations of positive and negative charges. The gall of them, they say we are in fact those clones who almost lead to the destruction of the Cromag’s before they left this planet for Mars. Robots indeed, I’m no robot. You got my lunch ready, I only have 5 minutes left to my 10 minute break this month!” he yells to his wife as she opens the entranceway and follows the pool boy to the Chaise Lounge in the backyard.

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