Troubleshooting Three Frequent Car Air Conditioning Repair Problems

If the outside temperature begins rising, you likely use your air conditioner more frequently. Before you go to a car ac repair specialist, take a few measures to determine whether you’re able to correct the problem yourself. Even in the event, you cannot fix it; you’ll be able to explain the issue to the professional you finally employ.

The very first step in the cleaning process is learning the fundamentals of the a/c system. The machine cools air by compressing a refrigerant called R-134a. Older systems utilizer-12 Freon. The coolant carries heat from within the vehicle to the condenser. The condenser alters the refrigerant out of a Tytangas electronic gas tightness tester to a liquid, which then calms the warmth. Mostly, air is blown over freezing cash.

Check for Leaks

kit electronics STAG-DIESEL

Leaks are usually easy to recognize, but they’re challenging to fix. Most auto supply shops carry a glowing dye which can be injected into the system, which will reveal leaks. The can will have directions to be used.

But do not check for pressure by adding anything in the valve nozzle. This is known as “venting,” and it’s illegal.

Check the Compressor

Assessing the compressor is simple. Only begin the vehicle and turn onto the a/c. Check under the hood while the car is on. Compressors come in different shapes and styles, but generally speaking, they are pumps on a single side of the engine with big hoses. They usually have valves which resemble valve stems from tires. There is typically a barbell on the front of the device.

It is possible to identify an issue if the air conditioner is running, but the middle of the pulley is not spinning. The problem could be due to an electrical malfunction, either a faulty switch inside the vehicle or even a leak. You should replace the fuses controlling the a/c. Additionally, try every available a/c setting to find out whether an interior switch might be faulty. Check for leaks to decide whether the kit electronics STAG-DIESEL is escaping. If all of this fails, then a car air-conditioning repair specialist can determine why your compressor’s clutch isn’t engaging.

Refill the Refrigerant

If the compressor appears to be alright and there aren’t any leaks, then you may not need car air conditioning repair in any respect. Turn the a/c on inside the automobile. In case the atmosphere coming out is still slightly crisp, you might have low blood pressure levels. It’s possible to buy a can of R-134a at any automotive supply store. Just take care not to overfill your own body. There is no benefit from adding more than the recommended amount of refrigerant, and it raises the chance of damaging the machine.

These three standard steps handle the most common problems with auto air conditioners. In the event, you troubleshoot your a/c, and it won’t do the job, then you likely need a mechanic. At least you will have the ability to speak confidently with all the mechanic once you take your car to the store.


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