Why an Engagement Session is Important When Planning Your Wedding Photography

I have plenty of clients ask why I include an engagement session for all my wedding photography clients. Often I hear, “We don’t need more photos” or, “Can we save a few dollars and miss the engagement session?”

Well sure we are able to, but you truly shouldn’t.

An engagement session is an opportunity for you to see how the photographer works. Is he slow and deliberate? Does he shoot “run and gun” style? In fact, your engagement shoot is probable the very first opportunity you’ve had to spend any realtime together with your photographer since you booked them – make the most of that! Ask questions, let them know things you love about photos, about yourself and your future spouse – the making of great photos has to be always a collaboration – consider your engagement session as the very first creative session that will result in great photos on your wedding day.

I tell each and every client (and it certainly couldn’t be much more true), that the more hours we spend together just before your wedding, the smoother things will go on your day. That is true for a ton of reasons, but the main being is that you’ll get a feeling of how I work, and I get an idea of the method that you best photograph Corporate headshots in Boston.

Nearly all of my engagement shoots takes devote and around Boston, but I encourage couples to schedule them in locations that are important to them. Did you’ve your first date at a club near your apartment? Your first kiss on Boston Harbor, or the Boston Public Gardens? Let’s shoot your engagement photos there – somewhere meaningful to you.

Also, if the ability is available, some clients like to mix their engagement session with a visit to their actual wedding venue. This provides both couple and the photographer the ability to walk through the location and get a feeling of where things can take place on your day of – and it provides couple the opportunity to point out spots they might want images shot (and I find it often gets my mind contemplating cool photos I’ll be able to make as well). That is particularly true if your wedding isn’t say, a popular spot in downtown Boston that I’ve shot at before.

In summary, you are able to skip your engagement session but when you’re investing tens and thousands of dollars in your wedding photography, it’s definitely a case of the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.

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